For Customers

General Questions


1. Why I should buy on WholesaleXP rather than directly from the Vendors?

WholesaleXP is a worldwide platform that focuses on B2B wholesale enabling independent brands and businesses to thrive.


2. What do we offer?

  • We support you to shop from over 50,000 brands from all over the world.
  • We allow you to return and refund the first purchase (subject to eligibility).
  • All shops may use the service for free. In addition to the advertised price, there are no additional fees or commissions.
  • Among the many deals we have for you to take advantage of are the following:
  • It's possible to earn 100 reward points for each brand you recommend to us. With this, you may experiment with various brands, place additional orders, keep track of your recurring sales, and expand your company.
  • There is a WholesaleXP Referral offer coupon available for you to spend on your first purchase with the brand that encouraged you to shop at WholesaleXP.


3. In which areas can I purchase from WholesaleXP?

We sell globally. But the available region depends on every vendor setting.


4. Why I can't access wholesale prices?

You have to log in to your account and submit a registration number in order to view wholesale pricing.


5. Who may use WholesaleXP to buy?

Dedicated to wholesale for independent shops, WholesaleXP is a B2B marketplace As a registered retailer, you must have a valid WholesaleXP registration number to place an order.


Payment & Shipping


1. What should I do if my order isn't visible?

WholesaleXP orders may be subject to verification by the WholesaleXP Finance team or Financial partners. This procedure, which is necessary to check the company details and identification of all purchasers on WholesaleXP, might take up to one working day following order confirmation.
We will not need to contact you in most circumstances. However, if necessary, our staff will contact you directly through email to confirm or gather the company information needed to authenticate your purchase. Vendors will not be able to view your order until the verification process is completed. Please check your emails (including junk) to see if we sent you one.


2. What are the accepted and available ways to pay? 

You can use card payment for your order right away on WholesaleXP.



For Vendors



1. How do I get paid? 

The payment will be shown in your Accounting once the customer confirms delivery. You will be able to withdrawral after certain time.


2. How much will I earn?

The commission fee depends on the plan that you selected in registration.